"Mission to save life"


 Flash News: 5/5/2013 - Three Drown at Aksha Beach at around 9:45 am, all boys from Rajanpada Malad west area.

 Flash News: 30/6/2013- Three Drown at Aksha Beach Shiva Gupta (12), Mayur Gaikwad (12) and Jeetu Pashte (14)

 Flash News: 10/9/2013-  Sea Guardian Lifeguard Present on all Day of Ganesh Visarjan on Silver Beach.

 Flash News: 10/9/2013 - Sting Bite and injure People going in sea water at girgaon chowpaty for visarjan. admited in hospital.

Flash News: 09/6/2014 - Two Boys Drown at Versova Village Beach, Ashray Bhanji(12) Nayan Dhakle(13)

Flash News: 15/6/2014 - two boys fell into the sea water after huge waves lashed Marine Drive one resced, other died.

Flash News: 14/7/2014 - Elderly lady drowns at marine Drive, women was indified as Kalpana Bhattacharya 70 years.


Safety precautions during Ganesh Visarjan.

Precautions during Visarjan:

To avoid possible dangers during Visarjan you should keep in mind a few simple things. Make your Ganesh Chaturthi happier and safe by following certain rules of thumb. Processions Before starting the procession you should always think about the route which the procession will follow. The responsibility of guiding the procession should be entrusted to at least two persons. One should guide the road traffic and other should lead the procession through the correct route. There should be volunteers to hold the ropes form both the sides of the processions. This will help the processions to move ahead easily and will be convenient for vehicles to clear fast. This will also help in avoiding accidents. Parents taking part in the procession to take care of their own children. 


You should make sure that you light crackers in open and wide space. As there is lot of crowd on the roads it may be dangerous. You should see that kids are away from the crackers. You should avoid lighting crackers while the processions are moving on the road. This will help avoid pollution. Lighting crackers is not the only way of expressing happiness and joy. 

First-aid box and water:

First-aid box and water are the two important things to be carried duringVisarjan. 

Precautions at the sea-shore: 

At least three to four men who can swim should enter the sea for visarjan. Keep the children and drunk person away from entering water. Make sure that the life-guards are present at the sea-shore. Make sure that you do not throw the garlands and flowers offered to the idol in the sea. As this act may be very dangerous to the people going for visarjan in the water, garlands and garlands threads may stuck in the leg and person may drown. 



Alert!!!! MUMBAI Beacher USER.





As monsoon started in Mumbai all beach of Mumbai is on high alert and declared danger for swimmers. Some Beach will remain Closed during High tide; People at large are requested to cooperate with the local government Authorities. Save LIFE.



Dolphin and Olive Ridley Washed on the Silver Beach Shore.

Yesterday 4th June 2014 pre monsoon shower washed Dead dolphin and olive Ridley Turtle on the shore of silver Beach late in the night. This was witnessed by hundred of joggers in the morning on 5th June 2014. Lifeguard Complained about the cascara lying on the sea shore cleaning department was deployed to lift the cascara and clean the beach. As it smelled and jogger had complained about the same.





Dear Friends / well-wishers,

We The Sea Guardian Lifeguard like to share that Sea Guardian Lifeguard has completed its five years successfully on March 29, 2012, giving public service in lifeguarding Juhu beach.

We are thankful to all the citizen visiting Juhu Beach/ Silver Beach for their corporation and help in all this years.

Our sincere thanks to RLSS for their support, without their support it was impossible for SGL to complete its five years.

We also like to Thank Ramanik Bhai for his help in getting some life safety gears,

Our special thanks to Sir Ajay Kaul (Principal, Children’s welfare High School) for his kind support when ever required.

Above all MCGM ward Officer Mr. Pawar K/West and Juhu Police Station/D. N. Nagar Traffic Police for their help in running sea guardians Operations smoothly.

Hope for best corporations in days and years to come from one and all.


Thank you all


When it comes to beaches, Juhu Silver Beach has had a bad reputation with tourists and local visitors drowning, couples being harassed by rowdy elements, dark and lifeless shores after sundown are common complaints, But not anymore, as The Sea guardian lifeguard & RLSS (I) at silver beach in association with MCGM and Mumbai Police have overcome on all this issues, the beach has recorded zero drowning cases since July 17, 2010. This would have not been possible without the help of RLSS (I) (Rashtriya Life Saving Society – INDIA), RLSS gave SEAGUARDIAN lifeguards training in lifesaving, CPR, Surf Rescuing, First Aid and also Monitory help for span of Six Month. 


We thank MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai K/West Ward), MUMBAI POLICE (JUHU POLICE STATION) for believing in the SEAGUARDIAN and supporting organization over the years.


How can we forget you people the citizens, thank you very much for your support. Hope for the same support in days to come.  


Interested in Joining Our Sea Guardian Lifeguard?

If you're good swimmer & interested in joining Sea Guardian Lifeguard, we're interested in talking to you! SGL Volunteer Lifeguard Service runs on volunteers, so if you can spare some time to help us help others, then don't delay! We're currently looking for volunteers throughout all aspects of Lifesaving. Do you want to be lifeguard, Any time you can spare to help our SGL is much appreciated. If you require any information take a look at our Contacts Page for the relevant person to contact, alternatively email:




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