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 RLLS (I) Starts Lifeguard Training Course In Mumba

from 14th to 16th April 2016.


RLLS Mumbai is conducting lifeguard course at Ever shine club, Kandivali (e) from 14/04/2016 to 16/04/2016. New course Fees Rs.5,500 & for renewal course 2,500. Time 10am to 5pm.


Add- Ever shine club, near Ever shine Garden, Thakur village, Kandivali (e),  Bus no -287 Thakur village last Bus Stop. Course Requirement  - 500 mtr swimming in 15min , 2 passport size photo, 1 photo ID Prof Xerox (for Renewal 1day course)   for any query,  contact  Mr. Mhatre RLSS lifesaving instructor on 09167225401 (international certification).




Flash News: 5/5/2013 - Three Drown at Aksha Beach at around 9:45 am, all boys from Rajanpada Malad west area.

 Flash News: 30/6/2013- Three Drown at Aksha Beach Shiva Gupta (12), Mayur Gaikwad (12) and Jeetu Pashte (14)

 Flash News: 10/9/2013-  Sea Guardian Lifeguard Present on all Day of Ganesh Visarjan on Silver Beach.

 Flash News: 10/9/2013 - Sting Bite and injure People going in sea water at girgaon chowpaty for visarjan. admited in hospital.

Flash News: 09/6/2014 - Two Boys Drown at Versova Village Beach, Ashray Bhanji(12) Nayan Dhakle(13)

Flash News: 15/6/2014 - two boys fell into the sea water after huge waves lashed Marine Drive one resced, other died.

Flash News: 14/7/2014 - Elderly lady drowns at marine Drive, women was indified as Kalpana Bhattacharya 70 years.

Flash News: 27/10/2014 - 14 years old student Karthik from Nehru Nagar - V-Parle went drown behind Tulip Star Hotel juhu, Body washed on Versova Beach on 28/10/2014.


Whale Fish Washed Up on Juhu Beach Shore 

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28th January 2016 Mumbai (INDIA), Late night some people spotted a huge fish in the high tide water. Morning on 29th Jan people saw huge 40 feet whale fish washed on the juhu beach shore. Thousands of people gathered to see the dead whale fish, national media reached the spot and LIVE news was flashed on Indias most of the channels. Lifeguards and Police was called to mantain law and orders on the beach. Police and lifeguards keep people away from the fish as to keep people safe from any viral infection if fish cascare had carried.

While this whale shark may be huge and rarely seen, it joins many other sea creatures that have unfortunately been washed up on the beaches. Some of the deaths of these animals may be a mystery, but many can be related back to drought and humans.A study by Baylor University showed that drought conditions not only affect water levels, but also water quality. Chemicals, like ammonia, can be more toxic during drought conditions. The study found that when pH levels shift, ammonia in the water can become toxic and affect the fish.According from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 80 percent of pollution to marine life comes from the land. Non point source pollution is the largest cause, which includes septic tanks, cars, trucks, and boats. Farms, ranches, and forest area also contribute to the nonpoint pollution. Oil pollution is also a large killer of sea life. Rough seas spread the oil through the marine environment, as well as to the fish or birds that eat an oil-poisoned animal. 

late in the evening the cascara of whale was burried on the shore of Mora village which is end of Silver beach.






Like to inform that today 14/06/2015, Sea Guardian Lifeguards rescued Shaikh Saiful age 21 years resident of Juhu Lane, by profession tailor came to Silver Beach Juhu, with his friends unaware about water current went in the water for swim lifeguard instructed to come out but he paid no heed, soon he was caught in RIP Current and pulled in deep water, as Saiful knew swimming he keept floating above water till the time Mahesh Mangela Lifeguard reached him, helped by Lifeguard Harshwardhan Mangela soon laxman mangela and Ganesh Mangela informed police as Saiful all friends ran away seeing Saiful drowning. police reached spot just to confirm weather it was not foul play. 



8 years boy rescued from silver beach Sea water on 24th May 2015 at 4:00pm


Dear All,

Like to update that on Sunday, May 24th 2015, at 4:00pm place Silver Beach Juhu near Godrej Bungalow, People started shouting for Help, as boy around 8 years starting drowning, seeing this Lifeguard Kishore Mangela rushed at the spot and saw the boys hand in the water, he rushed in the water and rescued the little boy, and safely handed over the boy to the parents after all verification was made about the boys health. The boy comes from Andheri West Juhu Lane. He came along with family and went for swimming during high tide, he was pulled by current in deep water.This year this was second drowning rescue made by Sea Guardian Lifeguard.



Dolphin and Olive Ridley Washed on the Silver Beach Shore.

MUMBAI: 4th June 2014 pre monsoon shower washed Dead dolphin and olive Ridley Turtle on the shore of silver Beach late in the night. This was witnessed by hundred of joggers in the morning on 5th June 2014. Lifeguard Complained about the cascara lying on the sea shore cleaning department was deployed to lift the cascara and clean the beach. As it smelled and jogger had complained about the same.





Dear Friends / well-wishers,

We The Sea Guardian Lifeguard like to share that Sea Guardian Lifeguard has completed its five years successfully on March 29, 2012, giving public service in lifeguarding Juhu beach.

We are thankful to all the citizen visiting Juhu Beach/ Silver Beach for their corporation and help in all this years.

Our sincere thanks to RLSS for their support, without their support it was impossible for SGL to complete its five years.

We also like to Thank Ramanik Bhai for his help in getting some life safety gears,

Our special thanks to Sir Ajay Kaul (Principal, Children’s welfare centre High School) for his kind support when ever required.

Above all MCGM ward Officer Mr. Pawar K/West and Juhu Police Station/D. N. Nagar Traffic Police for their help in running sea guardians Operations smoothly.

Hope for best corporations in days and years to come from one and all.


Thank you all


When it comes to beaches, Juhu Silver Beach has had a bad reputation with tourists and local visitors drowning, couples being harassed by rowdy elements, dark and lifeless shores after sundown are common complaints, But not anymore, as The Sea guardian lifeguard & RLSS (I) at silver beach in association with MCGM and Mumbai Police have overcome on all this issues, the beach has recorded zero drowning cases since July 17, 2010. This would have not been possible without the help of RLSS (I) (Rashtriya Life Saving Society – INDIA), RLSS gave SEAGUARDIAN lifeguards training in lifesaving, CPR, Surf Rescuing, First Aid and also Monitory help for span of Six Month. 


We thank MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai K/West Ward), MUMBAI POLICE (JUHU POLICE STATION) for believing in the SEAGUARDIAN and supporting organization over the years.


How can we forget you people the citizens, thank you very much for your support. Hope for the same support in days to come.  


Interested in Joining Our Sea Guardian Lifeguard?

If you're good swimmer & interested in joining Sea Guardian Lifeguard, we're interested in talking to you! SGL Volunteer Lifeguard Service runs on volunteers, so if you can spare some time to help us help others, then don't delay! We're currently looking for volunteers throughout all aspects of Lifesaving. Do you want to be lifeguard, Any time you can spare to help our SGL is much appreciated. If you require any information take a look at our Contacts Page for the relevant person to contact, alternatively email:



RLLS Mumbai is conducting lifeguard course at Ever shine club, Kandivali (e) from 14/04/2016 to 16/04/2016. New course Fees Rs.5,500 & for renewal course 2,500. Time 10am to 5pm. 

RLLS Mumbai is conducting lifeguard course at Ever shine club, Kandivali (e) from 14/04/2016 to 16/04/2016. New course Fees Rs.5,500 & for renewal course 2,500. Time 10am to 5pm. 

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